jeudi 7 juin 2012


You know my love for cactus. How minimalist and better way to equip a wall. Like paints. Vegetable paints. Think cactus and your home will takes a strange beautiful way of living. Prickly deformation in all its splendor. 

Picture by me

3 commentaires:

  1. Me gusta! me gustan los cactus
    love it!

  2. Bonjour Sofia.

    Je viens de découvrir ce blog (via ton blog mode que j'aime beaucoup...), et franchement : waaouh ! Les images sont magnifiques, les couleurs et le style sont une vraie invitation au voyage. J'adore ! A tel point que je pense grandement m'inspirer de tes photos pour ma future maison !

    Continue comme ça !

    Bises, Elodie

  3. Hi! I just discovered you blog and am really enjoying reading it. I will soon be renovating a house and your photos are giving me lots of nice decoration ideas! Thanks ;)
    I love the way the plants are displayed on little shelves on this photo. I love cactuses! But not prickly pear (figuier de barbarie), had the bad experience of having thousands of littles prickles all over my arm after touching one.