vendredi 4 mai 2012


I did not create this blog to write about moroccan riads but to devote each one of my articles to a topic. The inspiration is much more outstanding when one joins together pictures around a topic. This is an exception. A true very favorite for an environment and a very intimate and mysterious decoration. This blue harms at the same time royal and dark decorated with pieces of furniture worked with the hand and chosen thoroughly releases an intense atmosphere. One wants to remain in the room, in front of the chimney listening to classical music. 
I will keep it for one invaluable moment.

Via The Palace Dar Darma, Petrina Tinslay

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  1. I am pleased to see the designs and I love this picture, I also follow your blog
    I hope you also follow me follow you back as
    hello my love for you
    and thank you

  2. I am really amazed to see this pictures!! This pictures reminds me of the Hotel Riad marrakech in Morocco. It is really surprising to see them at this kind of similarity!! If you can go to Morocco You should definitely go there and have a look.