vendredi 11 mai 2012


Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you the real moroccan living room. You can find it in every moroccan house. Don't focus on the colors and patterns. People in general do not have as much taste. Focus on the base of a moroccan living room which is the wood end carved under one of the mattress equipped with a printed fabric. 
The moroccan living room is almost obligatory, if you want to skip it, you should have a good reason. In those big houses, the MLR is useless cause there are other living rooms (the family one in front of the TV). It is just here because of the traditions. But the place where it is the most useful is in the small houses. Indeed it used as a principal and only living room, as the room for all the meals, as the guest room...We can not live without it!

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  1. it´s good visit you again ans find amazing ideas!

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  3. This room is very nice, that's a fact !!!
    But it's a bit pretentious from you to say "People in general do not have as much taste", isn't it ?